Two Films

I had an epiphany about my book launch--which, actually I wavered back and forth about being actually a book party--thus totally fucked up on making it public until the last minute---but regardless, my epiphany was about making a film that riffed off the silent film era, when gestures, and words made the story come together. I thought it was also save me from the fact that I don't have a professional camera.

So my book Someone Else's Wedding Vows, which has been out a month, and that I hope you'd purchased, is featured here in this film I made with some amazing poet women, and my mom, who is an amazing writer and actress herself.

Monica McClure
Simone Kearney
Ana Božičević
Abigail Stone
Elizabeth Clark Wessel

Coincidentally, I have an older poem video up on the Tin House Reels again, and thanks so much to them for that!!!!

Ink Brick Is Here!

Paul Tunis, Gary Sullivan, Alexander Rothman and I have been dreaming of putting together a poetry comics journal, spurned from our little collective, and now I'm thrilled to announce it's a real thing.

The first issue of INK BRICK will feature original work from John Hankiewicz, Simone Kearney, Simon Moreton, and L. Nichols, as well as the four cofounders.

We're debuting it at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival on May 10. Pre-orders start today at MoCCA Arts Fest, and we're knocking a dollar off the normal price to celebrate.

If you're interested in comics or poetry or both, please check us out. We are very excited and we're just getting started.

Numéro Cinq Interview with New Paintings!

Here's a really fun interview I did with the poet and artist, Nance Van Winckel, in the journal Numéro Cinq


And when I draw—poof! There’s suddenly a physical thing there, that can talk, that can move. And I take advantage of that. The body itself, the air around the body, the expression on the face—these things can work just like a poem. Speaking, but not saying everything.

Riverviews' 'Rebus' Exhibit of Poetry Comics

The show begins today (Friday March, 7th) and run through April 20 in the Craddock-Terry Gallery, features the work of Warren Craghead, Bianca Stone, Derik Badman, Andrew White and Sarah Ferrick, a loose collective of creatives whom Riverviews curator Barbara Bernstein began contacting last year. Read about it in the paper, here.

The artist, Warren Craghead has put together a booklet to go with the show that's happening. See image online here.

bianca stone

art by Andrew White

“Rebus,” which opens with a First Friday reception from 5:30 to 9 p.m., also will include magazines published by the artists and original drawings. In addition, artist workshops will be offered in conjunction with the show, during which children and adults can learn how to create their own comics and ‘zines.

The Craddock-Terry Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. or by appointment. For more information, call (434) 847-7277 or visit


WITH THE AMAZING Matthew Zapruder, Dorothea Lasky, and Peter Mountford! 

F230 Mixed Methods: Collaboration Between Visual Art 
and Contemporary Poetry
Room 302, Western New England MFA Annex, Level 3

Friday, February 28, 2014

1:30 pm to 2:45 pm

When poetry and image intersect, what changes occur in both art forms? How is the artist’s process, and the reader’s experience altered when poetry and image enter into conversation with each other? Panelists will explore these questions and discuss how the two art forms can compliment, complete, and even translate each other. Poets who have published collaborative projects, or created poetry that incorporates self-made visuals, will discuss their work.

Allison Campbell Moderator

Allison Campbell is associate editor for the Mississippi Review and a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Writers. She is currently at work on a collection of poems, individual pieces of which have appeared in Witness,Armchair/Shotgun, and Harpur Palate.

Cole Swensen is the author of fourteen books of poetry and a book of critical essays, and the co-editor of the anthology American Hybrid. A 2007 Guggenheim Fellow, she is also a translator and won the 2004 PEN/USA Award in Translation. She teaches in Literary Arts at Brown University.

Timothy Liu is the author of ten books of poems, including the forthcoming Don't Go Back To Sleep and Let It Ride, as well as a hybrid novel, Kingdom Come. He is a Professor of English at William Paterson University.

Bianca Stone, the author of several poetry chapbooks, is the illustrator of Antigonick, a collaboration with Anne Carson. Her first full-length collection of poetry Someone Else’s Wedding Vows is forthcoming from Tin House/Octopus Books.

Brandon Downing is the author of three full-length collections of poetry, The Shirt Weapon (2002), Dark Brandon (2005), and Mellow Actions (2013). Lake Antiquity, a monograph of poetic collages from 1996-2008, was released in 2010.



News News News News News News

A poetry comic published in Brooklyn Rail last year is now available online. HERE.

A really great review of Someone Else's Wedding Vows on Publishers Weekly. HERE.
And another one HERE by Rob McLennan. 

Visual Interview by Phoebe Bulkeley Harris!

Poet, visual artist, and musician Phoebe Bulkeley Harris (of Potty Mouth) astounded me starting a collaborative, visual interview which I opened one day in the mail. The interview is outlined in her iconic color-pencil giraffe spots, squares and panels; gorgeous, and based around my Factory Hollow Press comic book, Because You Love You Come Apart (which, incidentally,  dreamed last night I was giving away to people with an anxious fervor). It sheds a little light on my process, intent, blah blah blah. 

I've waxed on about Flying Object and Factory Hollow many times here on the blog, and I'll say it again: inspiring, beautiful people, doing the most important work in the poetry world today. All because they love poetry. It's hard not to be vague when talking about Flying Object, because it's one of those awesome enterprises that defies all, and spreads out like a pterodactyl wing span over the dry harsh lands of education and ordinary life, and makes everything a little bit more epic. 

Phoebe is a big part of what goes on over there, and elsewhere in the poetry world. I appreciate and love what she does: her poems, her artwork, her music. She's dreamy. 

SO, click this link, and enjoy the show. 

Also, here's some of Phoebe's work:

from Enormous Tiny Art