Sunday, January 26, 2014

Visual Interview by Phoebe Bulkeley Harris!

Poet, visual artist, and musician Phoebe Bulkeley Harris (of Potty Mouth) astounded me starting a collaborative, visual interview which I opened one day in the mail. The interview is outlined in her iconic color-pencil giraffe spots, squares and panels; gorgeous, and based around my Factory Hollow Press comic book, Because You Love You Come Apart (which, incidentally,  dreamed last night I was giving away to people with an anxious fervor). It sheds a little light on my process, intent, blah blah blah. 

I've waxed on about Flying Object and Factory Hollow many times here on the blog, and I'll say it again: inspiring, beautiful people, doing the most important work in the poetry world today. All because they love poetry. It's hard not to be vague when talking about Flying Object, because it's one of those awesome enterprises that defies all, and spreads out like a pterodactyl wing span over the dry harsh lands of education and ordinary life, and makes everything a little bit more epic. 

Phoebe is a big part of what goes on over there, and elsewhere in the poetry world. I appreciate and love what she does: her poems, her artwork, her music. She's dreamy. 

SO, click this link, and enjoy the show. 

Also, here's some of Phoebe's work:

from Enormous Tiny Art

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Taidgh Lynch said...

I like this interview! This is something I'd do with zine swaps with friends. Ask questions and then friends have to fill them in whatever way they wanted.

A little question, your new soon to come out book, Someone Else's Wedding Vows is a new collection of work or is it a combination of both new and past poems?

Perhaps I sound a little confused or my question is confusing.

As always I enjoy reading your blog and writings. Take it easy!